Click Away Negative Thoughts

This is my latest fashion statement. Whenever I wear my clicker, someone will comment how cool my ring is. And then the conversation goes like this:

Interested MOS (Man on the Street, leftover from my TV days): What is it?

Me: I use it to count my bad habit.

Interested MOS: What’s your bad habit?

Me: “Negative thoughts. WIth this I can just click them away.”

Interested MOS: “Where can I get one?”

In all fairness I didn’t come up with the idea to track my negative thoughts. It came from David Burns, author of Feeling Good. This is by no means a new book, it was first published in June 1980, but the idea of buying my clicker, well, that came from Amazon.com. So the fashion secret is out!

And, just in case you’re wondering, why not just use worry beads? They’ve been around. The Greeks use them. I dare you. Get you some worry beads and tell me if people stop you in the street wondering where to get them.

If there is any doubt about how special this tracker ring is, I have a story for you. I just lost my clicker. It fell off the strap. (In all fairness I was banging it about trying to get my luggage through the insanely narrow aisle). I had just left the airplane and a woman came running frantically to catch up with me to tell me I lost my ring. I had just enough time to look that indeed I only had the plastic left on my finger when I saw another woman waving my ring in the air, “Here’s your ring. You dropped it.” You would have thought it was a diamond. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I have others (four come in the packet plus a counter bracelet on velcro), though, I would have had to use the white or the black and I really do like my pink one.

But I already knew how special this “ring” was when it went through the washer and dryer and it still came out clicking. Talk about putting it through the “ringer” just to make sure it really is a workable piece of jewelry!

And the best part of it all–it’s fun to have negative thoughts now, just to be able to click them away. Not unlike the Calgon, Take Me Away commerical I have buzzing around my head right now. On that note, let’s end with a bit of nostalgia.

Just imagine if they had clickers back then! She might not have even needed the Calgon bath. A Muse 4 You: What might you click away?

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