2 thoughts on “Auditioning for the Bard Arse Club

  1. Loved this! Reminded me of my very recent audition for Drowsy Chaperone at NCT. I took a video of myself after (just to assure myself that it was a decent audition). The first rejection came a few days later……didn’t make call backs. As a director I’ve written this line many times myself….something like…..”this does not mean you aren’t in the show, nor does mean that you are.”

    A few days later I opened rejection #2 during the middle of a semi-private tour at the Barnes Museum. It included the sentence, “We have decided to go in a different direction.” Different direction? What’s that supposed to mean? I was devastated for a day.

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    1. I’m so excited, Judy, that you found the blog. And it’s great to hear from you–you are quite the talent, I will forever remember you as Mrs. Paroo (you hold a special place in our hearts being involved with my daughter’s first community theater production as it was). So it just goes to show, if you can have not-so-good auditions, even us newbies are allowed to go there! I guess the point is, we care about what we’re doing so we want to do good, it’s just what we want doesn’t stack up against how we act. I guess to get the laugh out of it, we just play it off like we were goofing off on purpose, lol. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Judy, and for getting back in the saddle! And the fun has only just begun with Twelfth Night!


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