4 thoughts on “Re Re Who’s Who The Terrible Two’s

  1. Your sharing comment was perhaps the only one I remember…funny, poignant, revealing, giving me something to think about. I start thinking about what I’m going to say about myself before the first rehearsal. Once the first person talks, I’m relieved if the direction of the circle leaves me at least halfway through before I have to share (enough time for me to think of something). This year I came up with something “good” because it was true and spontaneous. Then I ended with something really dumb that just jumped out of my mouth….”and I’m old so I’ve been in a lot of shows.” Why would I reference my age? I could have probably passed for 60 or at least late 50’s. All that is to say you’re not the only one who obsesses about those first rehearsal introductions (AND I have been in a lot of shows). 😂
    Judy Rodes


    1. Dear Judy, You are so very dear and I love having these shared moments with you on Twelfth Night. And your perspective always hits the mark! Being so new, well, new enough, it’s only my second show, I feel like everything is so foreign it almost hurts–it’s gotta be just me. It’s fun to navigate these waters with you, and our other cast mates. It’s great to know we have found this level of community with one another! And as Shakespeare would have it, I say it with love, but I know you will clearly agree: “You’re the worst!”. xoxo


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