3 thoughts on “Dare To Be Great

  1. The 1982-83 Sixers were my favorite sports team ever. I remember attending the first playoff game against the Knicks following Moses Malone’s famous “fo, fo, fo” declaration and watching them thoroughly thrash that once-proud franchise. You just knew they were about to deliver … which they did, winning 12 of 13 games!
    It was a team of talent and class, and I cannot imagine a better coach for that bunch than your dad, who was the sterling link with their two NBA championships.

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    1. They are such fond memories, Warren! It does go to show what a great team can do together. Since I don’t remember my Dad’s playing years, and I was old enough to relate to the coaching, I remember thinking my Dad got in the hall of fame for the wrong thing. (I guess that’ll be another blog post). But Dad was a great coach, in my opinion, too, and he had such great players assembled that they all worked so flawlessly together. They made it look so easy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories!!


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